By building our acquisition strategy on rural telecommunications firms with fewer than 5,000 lines, we are growing a national organization that couples breadth of experience and resources with a community-focused commitment to high quality personal service. It’s a strategy that sets us apart.

The smaller rural telecommunications firms can benefit most from joining in a larger federation of telcos. As a part of American Broadband, they get the operational synergies, deregulated business and broadband deployment resources, economies of scale, and diversified risk that helps ensure financial stability in the face of whatever regulatory and competitive challenges the future holds.

At the same time, American Broadband encourages each company to continue operating in the efficient, small-company manner that was a part of the individual company’s success in the past. We continue to be neighbors serving neighbors.

Completely confidential

We respect and understand the sensitivities of your position in considering the sale of your telephone company. That’s why we work with you in great confidence to make sure your company’s heritage – and its people and customers – are given first priority. We work hard to establish a trust-based relationship that satisfies your concerns and leads to an acquisition transaction that also meets your essential wealth diversification, succession, tax or estate planning requirements.

Making it right for you

What are your needs? Our size and our exclusive focus on smaller, family-owned rural LECs gives us the flexibility to structure a financial transaction that meets your value goals. For instance, we can negotiate acquisition of full or partial interest, a merger, or other form of arrangement while building the compensation package that you tell us you want (all cash, cash and equity, cash and note, etc.). We even offer a unique, tax-free acquisition structure that provides 30% more after-tax proceeds to the sellers. We will offer any or all of the current shareholders the choice of maintaining a management and/or equity interest in the company after the acquisition.

Typically, our process begins with an introductory meeting where we can get to know each other a little better. If you are interested in further discussions, our next meeting involves assessing your needs and collecting information on the company so that we can develop ideas regarding transaction structure and a valuation analysis. Based on your feedback, we will then deliver a bona fide offer (letter of intent) and standard documentation for the transaction contemplated. This process can move very quickly or at whatever timetable meets your particular needs and preferences.


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