Large telephone holding companies often forget that the success of the local exchange carrier is intrinsically tied to the success and economic vitality of the community it serves. Thatís why we can serve this market so effectively.

American Broadband's strategy is based upon these core philosophies:

  • Maintain and grow the local workforce and local management control
  • Provide and maintain an advanced communications infrastructure
  • Enable the local (non-telco) workforce to fully utilize the services delivered over this infrastructure through training, community centers and other initiatives; and
  • Directly and indirectly stimulate growth of employment in the community

These activities improve the local economy and household incomes and generate growth that benefits the telephone company as well.

Our company is devoted to helping protect the important legacy of the family-owned rural LEC:

  • Commitment to the customer
  • Commitment to service
  • Commitment to the community and
  • Financial growth and success

We are interested in working with company owners to help them to perpetuate this legacy for generations to come. Itís a commitment we make in writing as a part of our purchase agreement.


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